Exploring Denali National Park

A neurosurgeon at Laser Precision Spine Surgery (www.lpspine.com) in Alaska, Kim B. Wright, MD, treats spinal conditions and peripheral nerve damage. Outside of work, Dr. Kim B. Wright enjoys spending time in the outdoors and is an avid hiker.

Each year, Denali National Park in Alaska draws hundreds of thousands of visitors who go in search of natural beauty and wildlife. Fortunately, there are ways for visitors of all types to explore the park. Horseshoe Lake Trail is a 1.5-mile route that takes approximately an hour and half to complete and leads hikers to Horseshoe Lake. For a bigger challenge, Mount Healy Overlook Trail is about 4.5 miles round trip and climbs 1,700 feet to overlook the park entrance, alpine ridges, and the Nenana River Valley. On a clear day, hikers on the trail can even spot Mount McKinley.

For non-hiking visitors, the park offers a scenic main road that runs 91 miles into its interior. Private vehicles can only access the road for the first 15 miles, however, after which visitors can avail themselves of the park’s hop-on-hop-off shuttle bus for the remainder of the up to 13-hour drive.


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