When to Consider Spinal Surgery

Dr. Kim B. Wright has over 30 years of experience in neurosurgery. Today, Kim B. Wright, MD, is on the medical team at Laser Precision Spine Surgery (LP Spine.com). For patients who have not responded to drug-based or other conservative treatments for spinal conditions, minimally invasive laser spine surgery may be an option.

Although most people experience some type of back pain during their life, persistent pain that disrupts normal functioning warrants medical attention. In most cases, people should visit a primary care physician before consulting a spinal surgeon. However, if a doctor refers a patient to a spinal surgeon or places a patient in a pain management program, these are signs that spinal surgery could be necessary.

Individuals who need spinal surgery may find it difficult to stand for long stretches or experience numbness or tingling in their extremities. Also, candidates for spinal surgery may have already had open back surgery or had a physician tell them that they are not candidates for this type of surgery. With personalized treatment and expert care, individuals with persistent back pain can achieve better outcomes and higher quality of life.


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